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This website is the official channel for disseminating information from the Ministry of Justice of Cameroon

The Ministry of Justice has officially presented on the 21st December 2016, its annual report on the state of Human Rights in Cameroon for the year 2015.

The ceremony which started at 10 am was presided over by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Jean Pierre FOGUI. The ceremony took place in the conference hall of the Ministry in the presence of some members of the Government and members of the diplomatic corps as well as representatives of the civil society and of the international organizations.

 The front view of the document (French version)

The presentation of the report on the state of Human Rights has been a tradition in the Ministry of Justice since 2005 and has over years been a means by the State to communicate with its people and open up to dialogue for transparency.

The English version of the Report

Besides, the event enables the public to be aware of the measures taken by the Government to promote and protect Human Rights in Cameroon.

The Document which is drafted by the Department of Human Rights and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Justice is bilingual and runs up to close to a 1000 pages. Nonetheless, the Ministry has received the collaboration of a few other Ministries, international organizations and the civil society.

It’s a 950 page document

Here is the word given by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Jean Pierre FOGUI on the occasion of the presentation of the Report.