Republic of Cameroon

Ministry of Justice

This website is the official channel for disseminating information from the Ministry of Justice of Cameroon

Director:           Mr. METUGE AKAME Manfred
                         General Administrator of Prisons

Decree N ° 2012/389 of 18 September 2012 (Click here to download)



The Department of Prison Administration is part of MINJUSTICE's structures. This is placed under the authority of a Director.
In concrete terms, she is responsible, among other things:

  • Organization and monitoring of the functioning of the services under the Penitentiary Administration;
  • The definition of standards for the enforcement of sentences;
  • Monitoring the execution of prison sentences, custody and pretrial detention;
  • Respect, promotion and protection of human rights in prisons;
  • Development and monitoring of the implementation of plans and programs of work and production activities, as part of the development of the human potential in detention;
  • The development and monitoring of the implementation of plans and programs for the rehabilitation and social reintegration of prisoners;
  • The design and monitoring of the implementation of measures and plans relating to the security of penitentiary institutions;
  • Health, hygiene and prophylaxis in prisons, in relation with the Ministry of Health and the organizations concerned;
  • Human Resources Planning Management of the Penitentiary Administration;
  • Recruitment, training and retraining of Penitentiary Administration staff, in liaison with the Ministries in charge of the civil service and finance;
  • Career management of the staff of the Penitentiary Administration, in liaison with the Ministries in charge of the civil service and finance;
  • The definition of norms and the follow-up of studies relating to the development and rehabilitation of penitentiary infrastructures;
  • Monitoring activities related to the education of detained minors, in liaison with the Ministry of Social Affairs;
  • Cooperation with other countries to develop the capacities of the Cameroonian Penitentiary Administration;
  • Co-operation with national, regional and international institutions in the field of corrections and corrections.

The Directorate of Prison Administration includes:

  • Cell of Studies and Cooperation;
  • The Sub-Directorate of Penitentiary Staff;
  • Sub-Directorate of Infrastructures, Penitentiary Facilities and Budget;
  • The Sub-Directorate for the Execution of Penalties, Penitentiary Production and Social Reintegration of Detainees;
  • The Sub-Directorate of Prison Health;
  • The Order Service;
  • The Documentation and Archives Service.

The detailed missions of these structures are contained in the attached document in accordance with Decree No. 2012/389 of 18 September 2012 on the organization of the Ministry of Justice.